The Universe Would Like the Floor

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Goodness, did I find something special in my horoscope this weekend:

You never bet on anything -- or anyone -- unless you're sure it's a well-calculated risk. The same holds true for today, with one exception: The universe is feeling exceptionally generous, so any risk you take will have a safety net built into it. Does this mean you'll win the lottery? Well, it might. After all, someone has to. Just don't get crazy. If you're really meant to win, one ticket will do it. Besides, some things are even better than winning the lottery. Not many, but some ....

You may not know this about me, dear readers, but I am a Scorpio. Although not a committed believer in astrology I exhibit with frightening accuracy most of the attributes of this feisty and temperamental creature. Not familiar? Here’s an overview: Scorpios are ambitious, intriguing, discerning and magnetic to others. They feel everything intensely and are able to penetrate the depths of experience. On the one hand, we’re self-sacrificing, good under pressure, and hard working. On the other, we have a tendency toward extremes, are secretive and prone to suspicion. Also we like to be in control.

It’s something I struggle with, obviously. But I have also been struggling with the Universe; while I believe that things turn out the way they should, I have been very dissatisfied with several choices the Universe has made of late. Bringing back The One That Got Away only to send him away again, going on great first dates with Marathon Guy and that new dude only to have it all go downhill from there. Even the recent communication with Hobbes has the potential to be annoying. What if I end up really liking him? Why couldn’t I have liked him anytime between now and THREE years ago when I met him (and was still emailing him)?!

But this horoscope speaks to me. Could it be that the Universe and I are headed for a truce? It's possible. I mean, at this point I would take a 2nd date with someone I find mildly attractive and who is capable of using the phone to invite me on said date as a “generous” offering. That gives the Universe a pretty wide berth with which to deliver.

And since I don’t play the lottery, except for this one time I split a ticket with a friend last year (which was not a winner, even on the rollover draw, which I am embarrassed to admit I thought would be an option for my ticket since no had won), I’ve decided I should put myself out there MORE so love can find me.

I have gone ahead and jumped on the OK Cupid bandwagon. I'm pleased to see I will be able to screen by horoscope. Scorpio women do best with Pisces men.


Chloie said...

Sometimes you have to take the risk to move forward. I believe that you won't find Mr Right by just sitting and waiting for him to knock on your door. And you gotta open your heart too. I found mine when I joined a hiking club, and decided to let go of my past and opened my heart to love again.

Anonymous said...

good for you! i've been trolling the internets a fair amount myself, and have a couple of dates with some potential lined up for next week.

best of luck to you!

You Make My Date said...

Yay! Good luck - I've had some varied experiences with Okcupid (some good like Mraz Lover, and some bad, like the Foot Fetish guy), but it's overall a really good site! Can't wait to hear how it goes.


Dater at Large said...

Thanks, all! I think I've been pretty open to love finding me, but I think I have to be a little more aggressive in making myself available for new guys and such. Will keep you all posted...