The Week in Review | 12.21 - 12.27

Sunday, December 27, 2009
Twice in a row I have a weekly update!

Abandon the Ship!
Even though I was thinking about coaching Surf Dude on good dating practices, I have decided instead to completely throw in the towel. Last week I invited him to join some friends and I at a basketball game (my alumni playing in Chicago) and he was all over it, especially because they were playing one of his favorite NCAA teams. Tickets were sold out, and he said he might have a line on free tickets. He said he needed a day and I haven’t heard from him for the past four. Including no holiday message. The game is next weekend, so we have to get moving. And we will, but he’s no longer on the guest list. Enough is enough.

My New Catch
One of the things my new love interest had in his Match profile was that he’s looking for someone adventurous, spontaneous. And it just so happens he’s a Vikings fan and I have tickets to their game against the Bears tomorrow. So on Christmas Eve, the day after our date, I called him up and invited him to the game (which then required me to bump the individual I had invited before). He said he was in (because I’d be there) but would need to go find some outdoor gear. Look at me! I’m being impulsive! It’s cold here in the Chi… I foresee snuggling in my future…


jo said...

i like the sounds of your new catch. sounds promising. that's always good. i hope there's snuggling in your future too :)

Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Well done. This guy sounds alright. I don't want to be hearing next week that SD is back on the radar!

Nicole said...

Hopefully he doesn't interrupt your snuggling with too much icky Favre-love. I don't normally support mixed relationships, but it could be worse (for those that might not know what "worse" is to a Bears fan --- Packer fan). Actually, as I think about it, you can unite in your hatred of the Packers, so this might be a good football match :)

Dater at Large said...

Jo: The forecast is mid-20s so the snuggling should be ON.

PMFOOW: Surf Dude is definitely off the list... and I have something ridiculously awesome to tell all of you about that. I am hoping to get it out today.

N: Good call on the rivalry thing, since I'm more NCAA I hadn't really thought about the conflict of interest!