The Week in Review: 12.14 - 12.20

Sunday, December 20, 2009
This likely won’t be a regular weekly posting, because (sadly) not all weeks deserve a recap, but this week I have a few things going so here we go.

Two Ships that Text in the Night
Surf Dude and I continue to experience seeming insurmountable scheduling difficulties. After weeks of useless texting he proposed an actual date, but I ended up needing to work right through the dinner he was going to make. Rescheduling during the week is tricky (he normally works till 10/10:30p which is when I’m usually getting ready for bed) and then Thursday he left for California, where he will be for the entire time that I’m off work. He literally comes back the day I go back to work, which means he’ll be right on time to say “no” to getting together on New Years Eve.

No Nibbles
After an initially decent level of interest on the last few weeks have produced no new interest in my online profile. I’ve got 2 ½ months more to make something of it, though, since the subscription auto-renewed instead of canceling when my friend thought it would. The up side is that her credit card was charged since I’m borrowing her original subscription.

A New Fishing Hole
Last night I went to a party thrown by the sister of the roommate of my friend’s boyfriend. I knew only my friend and was hoping to make some new acquaintances. Unfortunately most of the folks there were already in couples, and instead of trying to identify and meet the few single guys I instead made a new girlfriend. The night wasn’t a total loss, besides being able to share a cab she’s new to the Chi and has serious potential to step into the currently vacant role of “single gal pal”.

Oh and of course my friend told her boyfriend he needs to find me a guy. It can’t hurt, clearly I need all the help I can get.


Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Doesn't sound like you're a complete loss yet! Thanks for the birthday message and link share - I've joined your Facebook and added you to my Plentymorefishoutofwater Facebook page's favourites.

jo said...

exploring all avenues is a good idea. though blind dates tend to make for some rather funny (perhaps even somewhat traumatic) stories... do share if any! :P

Anonymous said...

i found the blog! it is very witty and fascinating, fun read! feel much the same as you did about sat night, but hopefully there will be many more opportunities for some fun in chicago. happy holidays.

Miss Alpha said...

Maybe I'm reading too much into this but you seem a bit blue/burnt out. Maybe consider taking a break from dating for a couple of weeks? Happy Holidays!!

Dater at Large said...

PMFOOW: You're welcome!

jo: blind dates do make for the best stories, yes. i'm sure they'll be more on my horizon, just trying to diversify my approach a little!

Anonymous (aka single gal pal): Welcome! Enjoy your holidays as well and we'll go on the prowl soon.

Miss Alpha: You're spot on, I am a little burnt out, but not too blue about it. Will be refreshed for the new year, I'm sure!

Have a great holiday, all!

Kitty Moore said...

New Years Eve is usually a good opportunity to meet someone - good luck!