Failed First Dates: The Weeble

Saturday, October 10, 2009
ex-baseball player
awesome coldplay concert date
dishonest weeble

I don’t usually get really excited about meeting guys for first dates, more often than not interest I thought I had over the phone is dissipated quickly in person and I find physical attraction impossible to gauge in advance. But this one guy… I really thought I had something. I was thinking if the date went well, I’d probably be headed straight into a relationship.

He picked me up at my place and we drove together to the concert, stopping first at my bank for cash and then at his. As I sat in the car, watching him head over to the ATM, I noticed his lower half was really, really big. As in wide, disproportionately so to his upper half.

At first I was confused. He had given me the impression he was very active - running and biking regularly - and with a previous history of competitive baseball through college. That seemed to be not possible of the man I was with. He was literally too wide to fit comfortably into the concert seats and he sort of waddled when he walked.

I’m not looking for physical perfection, but I am looking for someone with a similar activity level and general physique as me. I’m also looking for someone who is honest, and as the date went on I felt more and more that I’d been deceived.

Nicknaming him the Weeble isn’t nice, of course, but it’s the only way I could think of to describe his shape when trying to explain to my friends how different his appearance was than expected. I probably shouldn’t have started out with my hopes so high, I’m sure it’s the reason I felt so crushed afterwards.

Weebles wobble but they don’t get second dates.


Rebekka said...

How much do I love the final sentences...sorry the dates don't end well, but at least your blog posts do!!

jo said...

i think physical attraction is a big thing and anyone who says it's not important at all is lying. so other than lying bout his physical appearance, how was he as a person and how was the date?

Dater at Large said...

J - it's hard to say how he was as a person, I felt like he was a liar, and everything we had talked about before was tainted by that. It was confusing, so I decided to take him on a screening date with friends. I'll get that post out soon!

You Make My Date said...

Bahaha that's hilarious! Although your post has made me much more wary about my attempts at online dating now. I've heard all sorts of horror stories ranging from the guy is actually 20 years older than he claims, to the fact that he is actually a she.

So maybe look on the bright side that you only got a Weeble and not something worse! :)

Dater at Large said...

YMMD: Don't be afraid! I've never met anyone who was as dishonest as you've heard. I understand why someone would overshoot their physique, I just don't like that he did.

Jo: Some of my posts were written about prior dating (before the blog) and this one is one of them. I just realized I did write about my attempt at seeing the Weeble a second time: