A Long Shot at Love

Sunday, October 25, 2009
So here’s the story on the potential other guy on the scene (that is maybe drawing my attention away from Marathon Guy - who, by the way, mostly sent me lame text messages this weekend but did leave one very sweet voicemail after my football team lost on Saturday)

Exactly two years ago I met a guy we’ll call Surf Dude through a CraigsList post and I really liked him, right off the bat. He was the type of guy I’ve always been attracted to, with a few twists. We started dating but I ended things when it became clear that he wasn’t able to (or wasn't willing to) find time to call me or make plans or worst of all, meet up with me when we actually had plans.

It was really disappointing, I thought he had so much potential and it had been so long since I‘d met someone I really liked… but it was so frustrating being consistently blown off. Regardless for another six months or so after that we sort of tried off and on. He even came to a friend’s wedding with me, but was so withdrawn and off-putting that I cut him off entirely.

Until we started talking again, for one reason or another, and for the past year or so we’ve talked randomly, mostly about sports. I’ve even seen him a few times and sometimes it’s like we’re dating (like when I accidentally joined his family at a festival this summer) and other times not (like when I just sat there at the bar while he bullshitted with the owners and didn't think to introduce me).

When he popped up this last time, I went all in, explaining how I like him, but how it's clear that he either doesn’t like me or doesn’t have the time for me. He of course said I had it all wrong, that he does want to spend time with me and didn't realize I still liked him. I didn’t believe him, but told him to give me a call sometime, that I would love to hang out with him.

I’m trying not to get my hopes up (more than they obnoxiously already are), but I’m not exclusively dating anyone else and it isn‘t like our relationship has anywhere to go but up. Then again, Surf Dude said he’d call me back in 2 minutes… 2 hours ago.


plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Good luck. I like this blog.

jo said...

it was really brave of you to just went all in and told him honestly how you felt. i guess the only thing to do is to wait and see if this time he makes more effort.

You Make My Date said...

Grr, did he call back?

And...I don't know *sigh* but I almost feel like using the words "he's just not that into you"...I really hope I'm being too cynical/quick to judge! Maybe he was just testing the waters before leaping in...

Dater at Large said...

Jo: Thanks... I feel like with him I don't really anything to lose (except a teeny bit of pride) so why not put it all out there?

YMMD: At this point I feel like he's just not into anything that isn't his job, or planning ahead, or going above and beyond for his friends/family but not a new love interest. I'm not feeling like it's personal (teeny bit of pride returned).