I Have the Perfect Guy for You…
My High School Buddy’s Wife’s Cousin

Monday, September 28, 2009
I got the nicest email ever, in which a high school buddy laid out why he thinks he has a great guy for me, after complimenting the blog. The thing that’s so nice about it is he actually thought about why this guy would be a good match for me, instead of the usual "you’re both single".

The referral has the usual pros:

  • He is by far the nicest person I have ever met and has a heart of gold
  • I think you guys would have a lot in common
  • He is 34-36 and recently got his Masters
  • He loves running and traveling
And then references to things that I would definitely find attractive:
  • He was a college track star and loves everything outdoors
  • He worked while he made way through his Masters program
  • He "might" be able to match [me] intellectually and has a very witty sense of humor
  • He meets [my] requirement of drinking a good ol' PBR from a mug and throwing darts
He even gets the super secret bonus points! This guy loves soccer. There are three things I personally hate but know my future mate will love. One of them is Soccer.

The only rub is that he’s kind of far away. When I MapQuested where my buddy lives it turns out its 427 miles from Chicago. Yikes.

I was offered a photo, which I declined, I assume someone I know wouldn’t try to set me up with a troll. And I said of course I would meet him. How could I say no? My buddy said "I just caught myself reading your blog and thought of [him] right away".

You know who is the nicest guy ever? My high school buddy. I’m not sure whether I’ll hit it off with his wife’s cousin, but I’m certainly willing to give it a try. Even it means driving to the middle of nowhere to go on a double date.


jo said...

it's good that your friend actually thought bout why the guy he wanted to introduce to you would be a good match for you. i lament that so many well-meaning people just don't have enough of a thought process going on when it comes to setups beyond the whole you're both single reason. but yeah it's still worth a try. all the best!!

Dater at Large said...

Thanks, Jo! We are maybe going to meet up in early November.

Amy T said...

I know the perfect place where I can get all the details :) Hope it goes fabulously!

You Make My Date said...

Brilliant, it's totally worth checking this guy out!

Haha I'm amused that you didn't take a peek at the picture, but I think it's a wise move. Most people are much more attractive in real life. Good luck and please keep us posted! :)

Dater at Large said...

AT: Yes! I should even have some follow up details by then.

YMMD: I can't believe I turned down the pic either! I'm also holding out on asking my buddy what he's told his friend about ME since I'm sure it will just make me over think things. Potential date is in a few weeks, will definitely keep you updated.

Dater at Large said...
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