The Crush

Wednesday, September 9, 2009
I have been holding out on you, dear readers, as I have been harboring a serious crush on a guy who lives in my neighborhood. I didn't bring him up earlier because for awhile I hadn't seen him. I was actually getting worried he had moved away but fortunately that is not the case. Bus Guy, as he is affectionately known, has reappeared on the scene and my romantic interest in him remains strong. Here’s the scoop.

The History: Shortly after I moved to my neighborhood I noticed a gentleman at my bus stop. While he seems sort of unfriendly, I can tell that he’s not only nice, but funny once you get to know him. I quickly developed a crush on this man, obviously dubbed “bus guy”. We sometimes exchanged acknowledgment glances but never really met. One time my drunk friend invited him to join us at our table at a local bar. He declined, unfortunately. One time he said hello to me out of nowhere at the grocery store. We chatted briefly. One time he came around the corner with dry cleaning while I was standing chatting with my running friend. I had been talking but then lost my train of thought and then as he walked past there was ridiculous giggling.

What I Know: I know which condo Bus Guy lives in and the usual time he gets on the bus. He gets off a few blocks before me and then walks to his office, which I have narrowed down to a two block area (a mere three or four blocks from my own office!). I’m not stalking him! Sometimes I see him walking while I am on the bus.

What I Think I Know: I think he’s an engineer and that sometimes he travels for work. I think his name is Mark or Matt or Jim or Greg... something fairly regular. I think he’s older than me but younger than 35. I think he might be an only child but he may also be a middle child. I think his parents are from Michigan or Wisconsin. I think if he played a sport in high school it may have been wrestling.

The Latest: Recently Bus Guy appeared again, predictably at our bus stop. Just two Fridays ago, he smiled and said Good Morning to me. I should have just introduced myself then but I was taken by surprise, plus I was running late and had to get on the bus (without him). So now I am hoping to run into him again soon and I am planning to introduce myself. The last week or so I have been thwarted, although I have regularly been at the bus stop at what will now be known as our usual time.

I will not be deterred, though. I can’t wait to tell you all about him. When I meet him, of course.


Nicole said...

OMG - how funny would it be if after all the online dating etc. you found a relationship on the bus!

Dater at Large said...

You never know where your soul mate might be waiting for you :)