He Likes Me… Again

Wednesday, September 2, 2009
Remember that guy that sent all the mixed signals, seemingly interested but then disappearing or being vague about making plans? (See He Likes Me… He Likes Me Not?) Well, he’s back! And he seems interested for real this time.

This past weekend I put up a post on CraigsList and he responded, seemingly not aware that he was writing to someone he had chatted with before. I replied back, referencing the aforementioned chatting and that I had gotten the impression he wasn’t that interested. I said I wasn’t sure how to proceed.

He replied back that he did remember me, explaining that his earlier disappearing act was because he was taking a summer class and really busy and claiming that he couldn't really recognize me in the photo I‘d posted on CL and wasn‘t sure I‘d even sent him pictures before. He asked if I’d be interested in getting together and suggested lunch over the weekend.

I can believe that he had a busy schedule over the summer - dating takes a lot of flexibility - but I think the likely scenario is that he was pursuing someone else, whether or not he was taking a night class. I don’t necessarily buy the not recognizing me from my photo, though. I take a lot of pride in posting flattering, but realistic photos of myself when online dating.

I was intrigued, though, and since I happened to be available I accepted his offer. We’ve emailed a few times this week and I have both his home and cell phone numbers so I’m feeling pretty positive we’re going to make it to the first date. Stay tuned readers.