Friday, June 25, 2010
I just found this old email chain from a CL post from way back and couldn’t resist sharing it. It’s no wonder I keep going back to my old online hunting ground with quality finds like this dude.

His initial email was pretty wide ranging in content:
  • I enjoy most music even country, is that a crime? I am also bilingual.
  • So I have this handwritten note above my office desk that reads: “This is the month that great things are going to happen.” I ask you, how long is too long to keep it there?
  • I’m reading this book on global warming and slowly starting to realize that my liberal arts graduate degree, progressive policy advocacy, and sunny idealism might not be enough to save the world. I guess I shouldn’t have rolled my eyes through all those biology classes.
I can only assume I found him attractive or was in a giving mood because I responded. His next email indicated he was tired and still had to work out so he had to keep the email short, followed by the below:

So here are a few questions I'd like to know from you so we can discuss and perhaps argue about the issues I pose.
(1) Should corporate punishment be used in schools?
(2) Are the exams necessary? Are they aimed at checking our knowledge or just causing stress?
(3) Should religious education become compulsory at schools?
(4) Can China's planners and politicians do something to increase the area of arable land?
(5) Does China have enough arable land and water to feed its projected population of 1.48 billion in 2025 - even at currently available levels of agricultural technology?

Hope these questions peak your interest. If you can please answer my questions with more than yes or no. I want to know how your thought process work out.

My interest wasn’t peaked, but my “crazy dude” radar was going off pretty loudly. A quick search of my email unfortunately reveals that I didn’t keep whatever response I sent but I’m certain I had no intention of filling out an essay test that early in our communication.

I tell you what, though, in re-reading it after all this time he does sound like he’s got some depth to him, and I can appreciate that. I wonder if he’s still single?


Scottaleh said...

The CL post seems drily funny and thoughtful; the "quiz," I have to assume, was tongue-in-cheek and playful. If he hadn't referred to "corporate punishment" (which is a WHOLE other issue) and interest being "peaked," I'd wonder too whether he's still available.

Nicole said...

Funny - the "corporate" error was the only thing that really bothered me about him!

jo said...

it's good when the guy has some depth but if i was asked this so early on, frankly i wouldn't be too bothered to answer and i would be concerned that he would be a lil too boring.