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Monday, May 3, 2010
The conclusion to this tale is somewhat anticlimactic. After giving Duder more leeway than I’ve given anyone I’ve dated in at least the past year it turns out that he is not interested in dating me.

When I put our last date-planning disaster on hold I had every intention of planning another date. I had even followed up with a phone call the next afternoon and the previously suggested text regarding meeting up for basketball watching that Saturday. He returned with a voicemail over the weekend which had not yet been returned by me when I got his “I don’t want to date you” email.

Immediately I breathed a big sigh of relief. As all of our interactions have made clear, I’m not interested in dating him. Not at all. Then I actually read the email.

He wants to know if we can be friends. No, no I don’t think we can be. Not after you’ve wasted my time and all my good will.

He thinks we have a ton in common. I can only assume he means we both like NCAA basketball.

He gives me carte blanche to blog about our date, adding that he doesn’t think I owe him an explanation for what I end up writing. I certainly hope not, because I’m going to tear him a new one.

I almost do in my response, because as I re-read the email I get pretty ticked that he’s the one who got to pull the plug. Let me explain something to you. If I didn’t think the Universe had something up his sleeve I would have never have given Duder a second glance. I made a sincere effort to see if we had a connection, overlooking really immature dating behavior on his part, because I knew (and he knew) that I was really negative about dating.

Instead I simply thank Duder for his honesty and the courtesy in regards to the blog. Besides, I was obviously planning to include everything I hadn’t told him directly in the blog version. He reads it, so he should have been expecting that. And frankly, he should have known better than to get involved with someone writing a blog about dating.
Nobody fucks with the Jesus.


Gaudi said...

I think you should definitely not date for a while!
You seem exhausted by it, almost bitter.
Dating should be fun, if it isn't, there's no point in doing it! And certainly no point in forcing you to do it!

Nicole said...

I know it's a quote and all, but did you just call yourself Jesus? :)

So, Duder haiku to come?

jo said...

yeah if i were really trying to give this dude a chance in order to be more positive bout dating, i too would be a bit annoyed that he would be the one to send that email first. in any case, i agree that perhaps you should take a short break from dating just to get into the right place again.

Dater at Large said...

Gaudi, I AM exhausted by dating, and I will go back to my break. You're absolutely right, if it isn't fun, there's no point.

Nicole, perhaps a Duder haiku will come...

jo, what can I say? I like to call the shots! But I'm glad it's over, either way.