Postscript to The Big Ledateski

Thursday, May 13, 2010
This blog is not always written in real-time and due in no small part to the disaster that the Hobbes situation ended up being I have been trying to shift away from real-time posting altogether. The Big Ledateski is one such series that was posted after it had played out. And after finishing THAT tale I needed a little break.

I did have a discussion with my friend (the law school buddy of the co-worker of the friend of Duder) and she was wondering what had happened that caused him to suddenly retreat. I told her I didn’t even care to speculate. And I don’t, because it doesn’t matter.

I can’t say that I have a good read on Duder, but I can tell you emails that I received from him while posting The Big Ledateski led me to believe we were on entirely different pages. Nothing was taken as it was intended, it seemed. I hate that... I always want people to see my perspective and understand my position, whether they agree with it or not. I didn’t think I could get there with Duder, so I just stopped trying.

And truthfully, I think he’s kind of an asshole. Not on purpose, and not the mean kind, but there’s an attitude to the way that he presents himself in writing that is really off putting. At least to me.

It’s ironic, actually. Things ended with Duder almost immediately after I watched The Big Lebowski, so I never got to share my enjoyment of the film with him even as it became the backdrop for my blogging. I did enjoy sharing it with you, though.



Timberlake said...

Oh my God, another post about Duder? How many dates did you go on? Two? I think it's time to get over it. You're starting to sound obsessed and it's getting weird. Some dating advice for you: MOVE. ON.

xanaxic said...

I tend to agree. It sounds a bit obsessive. Maybe you need to go on more dates and do less blogging.
I'm just sayin...


Nicole said...

I think she dragged out the two-dates with Duder into a saga because she's on a break and, thus, didn't have any new material. Kept us all reading, didn't it?!?

Dater at Large said...

I did draw out the story, but only because I thought it was entertaining. In real time the whole thing took less than 3 weeks. I hardly think that's obsessing.

You're all entitled to your own opinions, though. Thanks for sharing them.