"I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning"

Monday, January 3, 2011
"Smells like, victory." Kilgore

It’s a new year, dear readers, and I’ve got a new attitude to go with it. A friend asked me today whether this year was going to be “my year”, and you know what? I just decided it is. Maybe not the year I find true love, but this year is the year where I finally stop wasting time searching for it.

I’ll still be on the lookout, of course, I’m still hoping to come across it, and I understand that will take time and effort. No, what I’m talking about is not wasting any of my time and effort on anyone who isn’t amazing, who isn’t someone I can’t wait to talk to and spend time with.

That’s right, this year I stop wasting time on all those losers. Like Surf Dude. Remember him? After an entire year of silence he popped back up right before the New Year. A year to the day. He said he missed talking to me and hanging out. I bet he did. You know why? Because I am awesome to talk to and hang out with. And Surf Dude? He’s a lazy, shady douche bag who just wants to send millions of text messages to me. And several other women. At the same time. I can’t believe I wasted all that time thinking things *might* go somewhere with him. I can’t believe he thinks he can waltz back into my life after all this time and resume some semblance of a relationship (friendship or otherwise).

Of course I did try to get the scoop on Surf Dude’s shadiness, see I Did Not See This Coming, but basically he denied that the timelines were all overlapped. Said he’d been dating and breaking up in a cycle. Said he was sorry – not for being sketchy – but for having not reached out in all this time. I told him he didn’t have to answer to me, but several of those lady friends of his felt lied to. And since he wasn’t interested in giving me any gossip, I kicked his sorry ass back to the curb. Where it belongs.

ENOUGH, I say, of men who like me enough to use all their message minutes texting me but not any of their face time. ENOUGH, I say, of men who want me to do all the work in relationships. ENOUGH, I say, to the third and fourth and fifth chances, and to not wanting to be the bad guy and to not holding out for what I deserve.

Enough is Enough. Viva la 2011!


Simmarah said...

AMEN to that!! I agree with you completely and am trying to preach the same thing in my life right now. Good luck, we should root for each other!

LuckyGirl said...

I'll drink to that. Of course, you probably know that I drink to lots of things, but AMEN and ROCK ON. The future belongs to those who take it. And you have just taken the wheel of yours. Looking forward to good things for you :-)

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

Viva la 2011! Boo to sketchy men who think they can weasel back into your life after a year of nothing! Good riddance.

thisbrokenhearthashope said...

Hell yeah! Good to see your new awesome attitude!

thisbrokenhearthashope said...

Hell yeah! Good to see your new awesome attitude!

jo said...

*applauds* *cue fireworks*

Dater at Large said...

Thanks, all! Now let's just be sure to stick to our guns.

LG: I drink to everything myself. I don't consider it a problem :) Looking to good things for us both.