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Wednesday, April 14, 2010
No sooner had than the words “I’m on a (dating) break” come out of my mouth when I received an email from a friend and reader of this blog with the subject line: Someone wants to meet you.

Here’s the deal. My friend/reader of this blog also reads a blog about a TV show written by her law school buddy. The TV show blog is also read by the law school buddy’s co-worker and the co-worker’s very good friend. Let’s call the co-worker’s very good friend Duder. Duder finds my friend’s comments interesting and clicks on her name. He sees that she follows another blog, Righting the Courtship. He starts reading and is intrigued by Dater at Large. He wants to meet her – which he passes back to his friend’s co-worker’s law school buddy.

Now I am serious about needing a dating break, dear readers, so serious that I sent emails to the three guys I had just started emailing from a recent CL posting to inform them of this news and apologize for having not realized said break was needed before posting on CraigsList (surprisingly, all of them sent back very sweet emails thanking me for my honesty and hoping my romantic optimism came back soon).

I am also working through several concerns tied to having a dating blog. Mostly that it (a) could be having a negative impact on the success of my dating and (b) creates a world of hurt when discovered by a current subject of its content.

So I tell my friend that instead of categorically saying “no” I’ll think about whether saying “yes” is a good idea or not. While thinking, I happen to check the email account associated with the blog – since I write anonymously I have a separate email that I rarely check – and I have an email with the subject line: As a new follower of your blog.

The email is from Duder, and it’s basically the story I just told you. He very generously states of my blog that “the first screen's worth of posts is all I needed to know I had stumbled upon a great find,” and goes on to say that after reading a few recent posts he decides to start from the beginning. This is where he realizes there is a different author for the first few posts (originally I blogged with my real name, but then I “anonymized” the blog, clearly not that well), and here’s the kicker, he realizes that Dater at Large is the same woman he’s been emailing with from CraigsList.

Got that? My friend’s law school buddy’s co-worker’s friend is the same guy I just rejected on CraigsList. And now he’s reading my blog, about dating, which he found through a 4th removed personal connection to me. And he still wants to meet me.

The Universe needs to give this girl a break. Am I wrong?


Whizalen said...
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Texas Cinderella said...

It's Fate!!!! I say at least meet the were obviously interested so why not see if there is something there??? Great story if there is!!!

Nicole said...

Ummm... my best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with this girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious :)

Wynn said...

That is seriously a weird weird and kind of disturbing kind of circumstance. The internets can be a freaky thing sometimes :)