Wipeout: Surf Dude

Sunday, November 15, 2009
Irish southsider
making plans than canceling
too laid back to care

Well, I think we all saw it coming, or at least I should have. All that giving Surf Dude a second chance did was increase my cell phone charges due to an excessive amount of text messages and confirm for me that he’s exactly the person he was two years ago.

Need a recap? Surf Dude was one of those guys you meet and like, really like, but he’s dating challenged, really dating challenged. He has potential, though, so you give him more chances that he deserves, hoping you might be able to kick him into gear. You can’t, of course, and so eventually you give up feeling like you failed. In reality though, you should have walked away right at the beginning.

I experimented with presenting my interest in Surf Dude in more direct and regular ways than I normally do for the past month or so, hoping I’d see different results. There were sparks of improvement… he called and texted regularly, and he even invited me to hang out a few times.

We never did hang, out, though. For reasons that were exactly the same as before.

Past Example: Surf Dude and I have plans to hang out. He is supposed to call later that day but I don’t hear from him for say 2 whole days. When I CALL HIM, thinking that the only possible excuse he could have is that he was in the hospital it turns out he WAS IN THE HOSPITAL. He had a semi-concussion after getting hit in the head with a box helping his friend clean out a garage.

Current Example: Surf Dude and I have plans to hang out. He is supposed to call when he’s leaving his friend’s but then I don’t hear from him for 3 whole days, including a weekend. When I TEXT HIM, to tell him that I’m cutting him off, he responds that his phone had broken and he’s been without it all weekend and just got a new one that day.

All right, so they aren’t exactly the same situations, but I play the same role in both. I get invited to meet up and I get blown off. I do the follow up and then I get a lame, albeit semi-valid excuse.

This past weekend Surf Dude suggests we meet up for a movie on Monday. Monday around 8p he texts me to say he’ll be later than expected because his basketball league is running behind. I finish lounging around my pad, then fall asleep without hearing from him at all.

And we’re done.


plentymorefishoutofwater said...

I am going to be disappointed if I ever read another blog about this nobber....
Nice post.

Dater at Large said...

ha ha, the haiku post is always the last post. i still wish he could have pulled it together but i get it now... he never will.

jo said...

i'm glad you're done with him. you tried, he was a jackass. next.

You Make My Date said...

Grr! I have the exact same problem with a Mr Hot/Cold. You can't change them, so it's best to find a guy that deserves us and who will come meet us DESPITE having a concussion AND having their phone broken :)

freckledk said...

Ditto to what You Make My Date said. You can't change them - but you can change how much of "them" you are willing to take.

Dater at Large said...

YMMD: Know anywhere I can find a guy like that? :-)

Welcome, FreckledK!

stephanie said...

you need to stop entertaining this douche!