I Love a Good ‘Stache.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
After last week’s moment of weakness surrounding Summer Boy I realized I had been right. The only way to move past someone – or the lack of someone – is to find someone new. And better. Better for me, anyway. So I bit the bullet and re-instated my old online dating profile. The free one, of course, while I begrudgingly realize that I need the internets to find available men, I am certainly not on board with throwing any more of my hard earned cash at those sites.

Turns out it wasn’t so bad, there were some good finds out on good ‘ole OK Cupid! And some old friends, like the Karaoke King, who viewed my profile shortly after it re-posted. I decided not to return the viewing.

I did, however, send a few (two) emails to particularly good postings in an effort to be an active dater. I almost never send initial communications, despite being a (relatively) good writer, I find that I consistently fall short on the introductory email. Or at least that’s how it seems, since I have a very poor return percentage on initiating contact.

I’m trying to do something different than I have before, though, so I came up with a new strategy and decided to keep the emails short. A sentence or two complimenting something specific I had enjoyed about their profile and then an invitation to chat further should they be interested.

They went out to two gents, who drew me in with these details:
  • The Architect, whose pictures include done of him with an awesome fake mustache. I heart mustaches.
  • The Church Musician, whose profile included that he makes pie. I too, am a successful pie-maker.
So far I’ve received back and email from The Architect as well as some other random whose profile I hadn’t yet viewed. One out of two! That ain’t bad.


Nicole said...

I had forgotten who the Karaoke King was, so I checked out a couple old posts. I guess he still hasn't found his special snuggle bear. Pie is definitely enticing, but fake mustache indicates good sense of humor. And would look particularly fantastic with a few pie crumbs in it. Yum.