IIIIII’mmm Breezy!

Saturday, May 21, 2011
And so was the email I sent The Great Blind Date. I had a follow up to something we had chatted about on our date and I also said it was really nice seeing him the day before at our friend’s event. It was the only move I felt comfortable making, and I use the word “move” with great exaggeration.

I also used the word “really” with exaggeration, it was just normal nice to see him, but G thought I should add it. We had talked at our friend’s get together, there were maybe some almost moments between us, but he arrived very late and left sort of abruptly so there was no indication that he was planning to see or talk to me after that party.

There’s nothing really misleading about the interaction I’ve been having with The Great Blind Date, there’s just the absence of clear direction. I don’t know him that well, but I have the impression if he was interested, I’d know. And if he’s on the fence it couldn’t hurt to let him know I’d say yes. Enter the breezy email.

I wonder if what I’m feeling is what my ex-suitors felt when they were getting to know me? That I seemed polite and social, but not necessarily into them? Seems likely. When I’m still weighing in on someone I don’t act interested, but I don’t act uninterested either.

It’s not that bad, being on the receiving end of it. Now I just have to wait to see what he does. Easy breezy.


Nathan said...

I've been on both ends of this story so many times. Am not always patient with the lack of clear direction. Sometimes I wonder if the fence sitting that I am doing, or my date is doing, is just delaying an ending. I long ago stopped believing in the whole "fireworks and wild chemistry" upon first sight story, but if the fence sitting lasts for very long, experience has shown me that no relationship will be coming.

jo said...

apparently my ex suitors say the same thing bout me too though i insist that it was soo obvious that i fancied them. but oh well. in this case, i guess you just have to wait it out. you already made your "move" to show that you were at least somewhat interested. and i'm of the firm belief that no matter how shy the guy, if he's interested, he'll definitely figure some way to show it.

Dater at Large said...

Nathan: completely agree.

jo: i have sadly accepted the fact that i am never soooo obvious. unless i'm not interested, of course!