I Just Met Your Future Husband

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Recently my cousin sent me an email to ask if I was seeing anyone. She also called me, mid-work day, to ask the same question. Now I almost never answer my cell phone at work, but I picked up because this cousin is getting married soon and I am her MOH. This requires me to be available when I might otherwise not be.

She was ecstatic to hear I was still single because she believed she had met my future husband while he was doing some work where she lives. I can only imagine what he thinks about me given the third degree he must have been given by my cousin and the terribly flattering, but limited, description she gave him of me: beautiful, funny, smart and athletic. His highlights include:
  • He is an adorable 28-year old who is both SUPER cute and very nice
  • He seems to be something of an entrepreneur, having previously owned a business and currently working in sales, but is also working towards being a police man
  • He loves to work out and run, having quit smoking several months ago (Cold turkey! With no cheating!)
  • And… most important… he has a full head of hair
This last one is pretty amusing, if only because I can’t recall ever caring about hair. In fact, I think the close cropped/fully shaved/bald situation is pretty attractive. Very Ed Harris. I digress.

Her darling find was going to be out of town for work for a few additional weeks, and my cousin wondered if I wanted to reach out to him, given that he was also a bit shy.

By all accounts he seemed like a decent guy so despite being a little worried about his age, four years isn’t much but he is younger than I am, I said she was free to give him my email, or sure, if she wanted to give me his I’d reach out.

I decided to leave out my concern that her excitement about this find was probably skewed by the fact that she herself was madly in love and planning a wedding. Besides, if we start dating now he could definitely be my plus one at the wedding.


jo said...

he doesn't sound all too shabby. so are you going to reach out to him or wait for him to email?

Dater at Large said...

I would reach out... but so far no numbers or emails have been exchanged. He may still be out of town, actually. I'll let you know if anything develops!

freckledk said...

28 to 32 is nothing! And he sounds awesome. Go for it!